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Prototypes and Concepts

The following cars are possibilities for the next gen Integra.  The cars are not necessarily accurate, but they are not necessarily wrong.

integra proto 04.jpg (139135 bytes)
I think this one above is a mix between an Integra and a Prelude, not sure though.

integra proto 07.jpg (32049 bytes)
Not sure if this is a cross between a Prelude and Integra, or just a crazy body kit?

integra proto 06.jpg (55920 bytes)
Looks like another cross between the Integra and Prelude, 
this one at least looks better than the one at the bottom 

integra proto 10.jpg (25534 bytes)
This one also looks like a cross between the Prelude and Integra (just a note the license plate on this car is the same as the top one? not sure if that means anything). Image courtesy of Superhonda.com

integra proto 02.jpg (16311 bytes)integra proto 03.jpg (23347 bytes)
The 2 above are just the normal Integra's not Type R's

integra proto 01.jpg (29865 bytes)
The One above is the Type-R

integra proto 05.jpg (87682 bytes)
Not sure if the one above is the normal Integra, or the Type R

integra proto 08.jpg (80098 bytes)

integra proto 09.jpg (25868 bytes)

This one looks similar to pictures above, I gotta admit I kinda like this one.  Some people say the front kinda looks like a Pontiac Sunfire.   (Images courtesy of www.superhonda.com)


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